Austin Williams, Jaden Williams, Aayan Williams

Austin, Jaden, & Aayan Williams

(I have no recent photos of you)


Austin Williams Note to Hannah, Shelby & Zoe here


Dear Beloved Grandchildren: 

This is a message from your mom's mom ... Grama D. My name is Dianne Ames. I live in southern Oregon. I have a website: -- you can google to see photos of me. The story of me and your mother is a colorful and complicated one.

There are religious issues.
There are personality issues.
There are childhood damage issues.

There is a bipolar fragmented-soul-recovering mom and a narcissistic mysterious daughter.
So mysterious, in fact, that she never told me why she rejected & abandoned me.

Someday if you ask me, I will tell you stories of happier days with me and your mother..

My Angela disappeared in 1996 .... so many years ago
Austin Williams, Jaden Williams, Aayan Williams
  . . . .
She got my relatives to promise not to tell me a word about her. I searched for years and years. I begged people to tell me where & how she was. In 2009 I saw her at her brother's wake, she refused to tell me her married name. She hijacked his wake and had these enabling relatives oogling over her family photo album while Ben's friends were memorializing HIM in the other room.Then I saw a photo of 3 beautiful boys, my grandbabies that I never knew existed. Her disrespect, the enabling ooglers, and now realizing all my relatives knew she had these boys & never told me ... it sent me into a breakdown. What kind of family is this? What did I ever do to deserve this weirdness and lack of empathy? No one can give a reason ... and yet there it is.

To this day I do not know why. I've asked my children for forgiveness for any mistakes I have made as a mother. I asked them to let me help fix anything that needs fixing. Ben was the only one who replied. He said "Gosh, mom, I can't think of anything to forgive you for, but at any rate, you are forgiven." The girls gave no reply. Radio silence. And what's worse, never a reason. It is cruel. My mind cannot compute cruelty .. and surely not this kind of cruelty.

Austin Williams So, my dear grandchildren ....

** You must find me for yourself. **

Meanwhile - I exhort you to
know your own inner truth.
Never let anyone tell you
what to think or what to feel.

You have a spirit inside
where the truth lives.
It is pure.
It is trustworthy.
It is connected to God.



I hope you will email me ---->
My phone number is easy to find. 
Lots of relatives can tell you how to contact me.

I love you with all my Jaden Williams .... 

You are my flesh and blood ...

Don't you think it is time we meet?

Please find me.

Angela Ames Williams, Dianne Ames     Angela Ames Williams

Dianne Ames - Angela Ames Williams

Austin, Jaden, Aayan Williams - your Gramma D wants to meet you!